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Thomas Jefferson on Guns & Character

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  June 3rd, 2011 26

“As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion to your walks.”
– Thomas Jefferson

  • Kelly

    And it can save your ASS!

  • Skyhawk

    A wise man indeed. Your country yearns for honorable men and women to guide her. We have been taken over by dunderheads and scum. God save us.

    • ray


    • Wyatt


  • Pistol Pete

    Ahh yes the good old days…

  • thomas Gilligan

    God bless Thomas Jefferson and I agfree with both Kekky and Skyhawk

  • John Stewart

    Jefferson was the most brilliant of the founding fathers. His view of the progress that he envisioned for the country is one that would carry us for 500 years. The problem is that modern politics has strayed far from his ideal. Let us hope that more wise men will take up his mantel and go forward

    • mike

      id vote for jefferson

  • Michael Markee

    What did Jefferson say about duels and pistols? Some of his friends (and enemies) were killed in duels.

  • Jerry Stump

    thank God for our forefathers like Thomas Jefferson that framed our birth right in the 2nd amendment. In an election year llook for the candidates that believe and support that birth right then mark your ballot.

  • SkeetShooter1

    In today's society with only 14% of High School Seniors able to pass a standardized history test we are on the path to meet the same fate as Rome, corruption and ignorance shall defeat and enslave us, if we allow it. For if we know not where we have been we therefore have only to stumble forward into defeat. Thomas Jefferson was a great visionary with a great abilty to understand where we have been as to craft a wise way forward, and he knew the gun and the power it gives the people was allimportant in maintaining our liberties and freedoms, the problem is the majority of Americans today don't know what principals our country was founded upon or think these guiding principals are outdated. Evidence of this is our current administration, no thinking educated scholar of the Constitution could elect such people. Think about this when you go to the ballot box in November and elect those that are true Constitutional patriots and help resotor honor to our Goverment.

    • Bob Vela

      you only have to look at the courses being taught. Boys must act more like girls, that way there will be less violence. What a crock. Problem today is we no longer have leaders we have polititians. I saw the people being brought in to sign up to vote, then given absentee ballots. One lady asked me if I had voted I asked her if she had voted for me. Her answer was what did you run for (me) King, (She) can I go back and vote for you?(me) sure. She went back. It was cruel of me she is mentally ill but she voted for Obama.

    • johngfray

      Well said, sir! Well said indeed!

  • McKenney

    When you invite unvetted immigrants who are violent, and without character, into your community, for votes, and you grade these people on the "curve", you get what you have allowed, which is violence with patriotism, nor character. Who wrote the Constitution? White educated, people of character. Who is trying to tear it down,…an illegal Kenyan, who will not show any of his background records. Who is allowing this? An un principled, greedy, power hungry Congress, elected by a population being diluted with greedy immigrants who just want to send money back home to THEIR country, not this country. Sorry about not being politically correctly but at age 68, I grew up when America was America, not George Soros Country. Not governed by a Trojan Horse, Arab/Muslim president, pretending to be a Black Quaker.

    • http://n/a Greg Di Maio

      Amen to you, Mr. McKenney. As a youngster to you (64 ;-)), I also remember those days, but sadly we were on our way to this type of government back then. The schools never taught us the Constitution, about the Men who wrote it and why they did. We should all read the book; "The Making of America" by Skousen (

      Willard) Cleon in 1985 (ISBN 10:0-88080-017-8) or see for info. on the Const. Rgds. Mr. Di Maio

  • Fred Brattain

    Thomas Jefferson also said "That government is best which governs the least."

  • Pernell Rodocker (PO

    I like what he had to say. I am in DE. I carry mine on hip everywhere I go.

  • bombshelterbob

    Reason 3,194 that I like Thomas Jefferson

  • Knight Tiger

    It's sad to see how far we have strayed away from our founding fathers ideals for this great nation. Our elected officals now command the very citizens who elected them to office & bow down to "Big Money" at the alter of the "Polically Correct", I fear for our once free and independant nation, and pray for The Lord God's entervention daily.

  • http://google Ralph De La Huerta

    Unlike our present "Commander in Chief" (and I gag while typing this) the men of Jefferson's like were true Americans with American values at heart.

  • AnthonyM

    Thomas Jefferson was a great American as were several of our founding fathers. We however have lost then will and desire to follow in their footsteps. I am a retired/disabled Marine. I love this country, I fought and sacraficed for it. But, in my opinion we will loose it within a few years unless someone stands up and declares that like our founding fathers we have suffered enought under then yokes of tyrants and dictators in Washington who have only the desire to enlarge their bank accounts and not the safety and welfare of the people they are suspose to serve. I do not believe their is such a person of integraty in this country today and as a result we will suffer the consequences. Forgive the spelling.

  • Willman

    Like the Romans, fortunately for those of us in old age, there is not much to lose. I care as much of what happens in the future as my great grand parents did in the 1880's. Their entire existence revolved around staying fed, going to church and working. They had no time for the constitution or politics.

  • guest

    wow! despite a lifelong love of guns and hunting i dropped out of the NRA and haven't voted for a republican since i achieved voting age 40 years ago because of people like YOU!

    • anti-guest

      Well, you might as well kiss your love of guns and hunting away. Why anyone who loves guns would vote Democrat is beyond all reason since they are almost entirely all anti-gun and anti-hunting.

      What a FDA you are.

  • bear

    How about a search app?

  • Michael Edwards

    Do you admire the principles of Jefferson? Then support the Libertarian Party, and especially Rand Paul.

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