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Now on the Newsstands: Shooting Times October 2018 Issue

by Shooting Times Online Editors   |  August 23rd, 2018 0

Shooting Times October 2018 Issue

Our Shooting Times October 2018 issue will be on newsstands from August 14th.

Here are some of our featured stories:


Savage’s new Model 110 Long Range Hunter

Long Range Hunter

Savage’s new Model 110 Long Range Hunter packs plenty of power and accuracy in an ergonomic package.


Kimber’s K6s double-action-only revolver

Custom Defense Package

Kimber’s K6s double-action-only revolver has a unique blend of classic wheelgun features, and the new CDP version is perfect for self-defense.


The 10mm Auto

Ten Is In

Great for handgun hunting and defensive use, too, the 10mm Auto is experiencing something of a second coming. Deservedly so.

And so much more…..

Shooting Times is available in both print and digital version. Subscribe at

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