Lightfield'™s New Mag-20

The Biggest, Hardest Hitting 20-Gauge on the Market Today.

In the past few years, the 20 ga. shotgun slug has been getting a lot of attention. Improvements in performance that trickled down from the 12 ga. technology, combined with lighter guns and less recoil than the 12 ga., have given the 20 ga. a significantly greater presence in the deer woods.

The typical 20 ga. sabot slug, based on a .45-caliber pistol bullet design, is more efficient than a 12 ga. in terms of ballistics. In fact, on paper, the ballistics of today's 3" 20 ga. designs match those of most 2 ¾" 12 ga. in the deer woods.

Pretty impressive stuff. But all of the new age 20 ga. rounds must now line up behind the biggest, most devastating 20 ga. on the market--the unique red hull Lightfield Hybred Mag-20.

The newest Lightfield round has industry leading ballistics with real world figures derived from shooting shoulder fired guns with 24" production barrels as opposed to competitors' figures from extremely tight, air-gauged, 30" test barrels machine fired in climate controlled tunnels.

Combine that with the world class accuracy of Lightfield's Hybred technology and you have the ultimate 20 ga. slug. To set the best performing slug apart fro the rest of the 20 ga. field, Lightfield is loading the Mag-20 in a flaming red hull instead of the traditional yellow.

The Lightfield Hybred Mag-20 slug fills the entire bore with a thin, two-piece plastic sabot gripping the rifling and imparting stabilizing spin on the slug. At setback (the moment of ignition), the soft, all lead Hybred slug swells to fill any bore, making it accurate in virtually all slug guns.

For a press kit or more information on Lightfield go to or contact Brian Smith at (800)708-2850.

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