Federal Premium'™s Mag-Shok Line Extended

10 and-20 gauge FLITECONTROL Options Added

ANOKA, MN — Federal Premium introduces the heralded FLITECONTROL wad in 10 and 20-gauge turkey loads. The new Mag-Shok offerings will include lead and HEAVYWEIGHT options.

The FLITECONTROL wad changes the way shooters look at turkey loads. Suddenly dense patterns and superior performance aren't left to chance, they are delivered. This unique system proved itself in a full-line of 12-gauge offerings, and will again show its superiority in the new gauges.

"After we introduced the FLITECONTROL wad and people saw its performance, they immediately asked for it in 10 and 20-gauge," said Rick Stoeckel, brand manager. "This year, we're able to meet their demands. Our engineering team did a great job bringing these impressive wads to the new platforms. We're able to get an unprecedented amount of pellets on target with these new loads."

Deadly Combinations Now Available in More Gauges

When this wad is combined with fast, heavy payloads of copper-plated lead or the ultra-dense HEAVYWEIGHT #6 or #7 shot, performance in the field is simply devastating. Hunters will be amazed at the pellet counts seen downrange by these new offerings.

The FLITECONTROL wad design keeps the payload of shot inside the wad until it clears the barrel. This helps provide tight, consistent patterns. After the wad exits the barrel, petals open in the rear to create an air-brake and separate the shot and wad in a very controlled manner. For this reason, standard factory chokes, or those that don't strip or impede the wad should be used. Look for several choke companies designing products especially for FLITECONTROL offerings.

  • 10-ga, 3-1/2", 2 oz, #6 HEAVYWEIGHT 1375 fps
  • 10-ga, 3-1/2", 2 oz, #7 HEAVYWEIGHT 1375 fps
  • 20-ga, 3", 1-1/2 oz, #6 HEAVYWEIGHT 1100 fps
  • 20-ga, 3", 1-1/2 oz, #7 HEAVYWEIGHT 1100 fps
  • 10-ga, 3-1/2", 2 oz, #5 1300 fps
  • 10-ga, 3-1/2", 2 oz, #6 1300 fps
  • 20-ga, 3", 1-5/16 oz, #4 1185 fps
  • 20-ga, 3", 1-5/16 oz, #5 1185 fps
  • 20-ga, 3", 1-5/16 oz, #6 1185 fps

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