Clint Eastwood: "Get Off My Lawn"

Clint Eastwood:
Shooting Times Editor-in-Chief Joseph Von Benedikt proudly displays his mini-shrine to Clint Eastwood, along with a beautiful 1886 Winchester, customized by Turnbull Mfg. and chambered to .475 Turnbull caliber.

Though we can't validate the following Clint Eastwood story, we hope every word of it is true.

During the Rodney King riots, a Hollywood gun shop (no longer in existence) received a knock on its back door early one morning. I was told the following tale by the gun-counter clerk that opened the door—thinking it was another employee. To the clerk's shock Clint Eastwood stood there, alone. The shop wasn't open, but who leaves Eastwood standing in the morning dawn on the back door-stoop?

The clerk invited Eastwood in. By store policy ammunition was not sold by the case. Eastwood asked for two cases of 12-gauge buckshot. My acquaintance rung up two cases of buckshot. Curious, he mustered the courage to inquire, "May I ask what you're planning to shoot with this?"

In classic style, Eastwood replied, "Just want it on hand in case I have to clear off my lawn."

To you fans of Eastwood's outstanding film Gran Torino, the words will have a ring of authenticity. Again, we can't verify whether this story is truth or fiction, but if anyone can, we'd be very grateful.

For those holed up in a snow cave somewhere who missed the Super Bowl, here's a look at the half-time commercial that has everybody buzzing about Clint Eastwood.

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