Rock River Arms National Match Trigger

Rock River Arms National Match Trigger

Though it does not come all bundled up like many aftermarket triggers, the two-stage Rock River Arms National Match Trigger is still exceptional. The NM trigger is a standard feature on many RRA factory rifles and is available as a parts kit for those who want to retrofit poor AR triggers.

Designed in house nine years ago, the NM trigger parts are completely different from standard triggers and only the hammer and trigger springs are interchangeable. The kit comes with a hammer, trigger, disconnect, and hammer and trigger pins. Installation is easy--if you read and follow the provided instructions. Three weights--3.5 pounds, 4.5 to 5 pounds, and 5.5 to 6 pounds--are available. The pull weight includes both stages.

Parts are cast from a proprietary steel, heat-treated, and then phosphate coated. Skilled technicians then assemble the parts in a fixture to set the pull weight. The disconnect spring mostly determines the pull weight, but judicious stoning and honing fine-tunes the trigger and guarantees a smooth, silky pull. Once qualified, the parts are packaged up.

I have an RRA Predator Pursuit equipped with the NM trigger, and it is crisp and creep free. Ten pulls measured with my Lyman trigger pull gauge revealed an average weight of 4.7 pounds with a standard deviation of just 6 ounces between pulls. The NM trigger is a great product, easy to install, and, at an MSRP of $120, solves the factory-trigger blues while saving a few bucks.

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