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Shooting Times' New Shotguns for 2013

Shooting Times' New Shotguns for 2013

It seems that occasionally the firearms market goes in trends, and it appears that as far as new shotguns go this year, there are some definite trends. If you're into waterfowl hunting, well, there's a big crop of new guns just for you. And if you're a 20-gauge fan, then you'll just have to check out all the new models — both hunting and defense oriented — in that chambering. If none of those new guns strike your fancy, don't worry. There is a bountiful bevy of traditional and not-so-traditional smoothbores. Here's a quick look at some of the coolest new shotguns for 2013.


New from Benelli this year are the 5.8-pound, left-hand, 20-gauge semi-automatic M2 Field (pictured) ([imo-slideshow gallery=41],519) with black synthetic ComforTech stock, and Compact versions of the M2 Field in both 12 and 20 gauges. The Compact guns come with shorter ComforTech stocks and 24-inch (20 gauge) or 26-inch (12 gauge) barrels. Prices: [imo-slideshow gallery=41],359 for 12 gauge and [imo-slideshow gallery=41],409 for 20 gauge.

Also new are a synthetic-stocked Montefeltro ([imo-slideshow gallery=41],139) and a Speed-Bolt version of the Vinci. The Vinci Speed-Bolt boasts superior balance, light weight, reduced recoil and minimal muzzle rise as a consequence of the new tungsten-inset bolt. The bolt is designed for faster cycling and to handle loads as light as 1 ounce. Other features include the QuadraFit buttstock, a corrugated V-Grip, and cryogenically frozen barrel and choke tubes. Price: [imo-slideshow gallery=41],599.


The big news from Beretta is the announcement of the brand-new 12-gauge Model 692 Sporting over-under. This one is an improvement to the classic Model 682, and it comes with many new features, including a wider receiver, a weighted buttstock and Beretta Steelium Plus barrels with lengthened forcing cones. All of these new features are designed to increase speed of target acquisition, add stability and improve balance. Price: $4,755 to $5,225.

Another of Beretta's newest offerings is the gas-operated A300 Outlander (pictured), which by all accounts combines American-made affordability with Italian-designed elegance and reliability. This 12-gauge semi-auto handles everything from light target loads to 3-inch magnums, and comes in black or camo finish. Price: $775 to $845.


Browning's new shotgun offerings include a 3.5-inch-chambered version of the recently reintroduced 12-gauge A5. Five models will be available: Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, Realtree Max-4, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Stalker and Hunter. They come with 26-, 28-, or 30-inch barrels with Invector-DS choke tubes and Vector-Pro lengthened forcing cones. Prices range from [imo-slideshow gallery=41],599.99 to [imo-slideshow gallery=41],699.99 depending on the configuration.

Also new this year is the BT-99 Micro Midas youth trap gun. This number comes with a scaled-down buttstock with 13-inch length of pull, a beavertail forearm, ivory front and mid-beads, Vector-Pro lengthened forcing cone, and chrome-plated chamber. Barrel length is 28 or 30 inches. Price: [imo-slideshow gallery=41],429.99.

But the one that got my attention is the new 12-gauge Citori 725 Feather over-under (pictured). With its lightweight alloy receiver and 28-inch barrels, it weighs 6 pounds, 9 ounces. The receiver is a low-profile design, and its finish is silver nitride. This shotgun also has the Vector-Pro lengthened forcing cones and Invector-DS choke tube system. And it's also available with 26-inch barrels. Price: gallery=41,649.99.


Cimarron has added the new 1878 Coach Gun (pictured) to its stable of cowboy guns. This 12-gauge side-by-side has exposed, working hammers; double triggers; and extractors instead of ejectors. Barrel lengths are 20 and 26 inches. Other features include a raised rib, a bead front sight, walnut stocks and Cylinder Bore choke. Price: $574.60.


In addition to three new over-unders, CZ-USA has three new 12-gauge Model 612 pump-action shotguns. The Waterfowl Magnum (shown in the feature photo for this report) comes with a 26-inch barrel, a vent rib, Modified and Extra Full Turkey chokes and a camo synthetic stock. It weighs 6.8 pounds; length of pull is 14.5 inches. Price: $409.

The Model 612 Home Defense is fitted with an 18.5-inch barrel (fixed Cylinder Bore choke) and a black synthetic stock. Weight is 6 pounds. Length of pull is 14.5 inches. Finish is matte black. An extra 26-inch barrel is available. Price: $290 (complete gun), $126 (extra barrel).

The all-black Model 612 HC-P (Horde Control Pump) (pictured) comes with a full-length, pistol-grip stock; a full-length fore-end; a 20-inch barrel with Cylinder Bore choke; ghost-ring sights with glow fiber dots; and an optics rail. It weighs 6.5 pounds; length of pull is 14.5 inches. Price: $349.


One of the shotguns that really got my attention at this year's SHOT Show is the SC1 from FNH USA (pictured). This striking 12-gauge sporting over-under comes with 30-inch barrels and blue or black laminated stocks. The buttstock has an adjustable comb and is adjustable for cast-on and cast-off. The fully chrome-lined barrels have been backbored and ported, and they come with Invector-Plus extended choke tubes. The gun comes with a 10mm-wide vented rib with a brass mid-bead and a fiber-optic front sight. Weight is 8.2 pounds. Price: gallery=41,499.


Franchi's brand-new Affinity Sporting semi-automatic shotgun (pictured) comes with a 30-inch barrel; a slender pistol grip buttstock and fore-end; a stepped, ventilated rib with red fiber-optic front sight; and three extended choke tubes. It weighs 6.8 pounds, and length of pull is 14.25, 14.38, or 15 inches, depending on which of the three included buttpads is used. Price: [imo-slideshow gallery=41],159.

There's also a new youth-size Affinity Compact in 20-gauge with Realtree Max-4 camo finish. The shortened buttstock reduces length of pull to 12.38 inches. Barrel length is 26 inches. Weight is just 5.5 pounds. Price: $999.

Rounding out Franchi's new guns for 2013 is a brand-new over-under called the Aspire. This nifty little gun comes in either 28-gauge or .410 Bore. The slim action, automatic safety with built-in barrel selector, 6mm upland-style vent rib with fiber-optic front sight, Prince-of-Wales-style pistol grip with thin wrist, and slim fore-end make the gun easy and comfortable to use. Barrel length is 28 inches. Weight is 5.8 pounds. Finish is casecolored receiver and rubbed-oil stock. Price: gallery=41,299.


Mossberg has so many new shotguns this year that it would take an entire article to cover all their features, so I'll just list a few of the new versions and detail the one that grabbed my attention the most. The new guns include the eight-shot semiautomatic 930 SPX in Coyote Tan finish; the youth-size 20-gauge Maverick Model 88 pump gun; Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green camo-finished offerings in Models 935, 835, 535, 500 Slugster, 500 Super Bantam Slugster, and 500 Super Bantam Combo; the 20-gauge Model 500 and SA-20 guns; new Thunder Ranch tactical guns; the 500 FLEX Slugster; and the Silver Reserve II side-by-side and over-under models.

The one that piqued my interest the most is the 930 Waterfowl (pictured) with synthetic stock in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo. This autoloader comes with a 28-inch, vent-rib barrel with interchangeable Accu-Set choke tubes and fiber-optic front sight; sling-swivel studs; and ambidextrous, top-mounted safety. Price: $736. The new camo finish is also available on other select models.


The big news from Remington this year is the Versa Max Sportsman (pictured), which is an economy-priced version of the autoloader. The new version utilizes the Versa Port multiport gas system, self-cleaning pistons and rotating bolthead, but it comes with a standard synthetic stock, black oxide finish, and only one Pro Bore choke tube. Finish options are black, Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Realtree AP-HD, and Mossy Oak Obsession. Prices range from [imo-slideshow gallery=41],025 to [imo-slideshow gallery=41],175.

Also new this year are a Zombie version of the Versa Max ([imo-slideshow gallery=41],599) with 22-inch barrel, extended magazine and Gargoyle Green finish; the pump-action Model 870 Tactical ($872) with 18.5-inch barrel, and Magpul stock and fore-end; and a special 100th Anniversary collector's edition Model 1100 ([imo-slideshow gallery=41],999) with engraved receiver, B-grade walnut stocks, 28-inch barrel and hard case.


The neatest new shotgun from Rossi this year is the 28-gauge Circuit Judge (pictured). The double-action, five-shot, 18.5-inch-barreled gun has a swing-out cylinder like a DA revolver, but it's chambered for shotshells. The gun comes with a hardwood stock with recoil pad and sling-swivel studs, a red fiber-optic front sight, a yoke detent, a transfer bar and the Taurus Security System. It weighs 5.6 pounds. Price: $665.

Savage Arms

The new Model 42 over-under combination gun (pictured) from Savage comes with .22 LR or .22 WMR top barrel and .410 Bore bottom barrel. It has adjustable sights, a sleek-looking synthetic stock with recoil pad and sling-swivel studs, and a crossbolt safety. Barrel length is 20 inches. Weight is 6.1 pounds. Finish is matte black. Price: $480.


In addition to new versions of Model 3000 and Model 3500 autoloaders, Stoeger has two new Longfowler double-barreled guns specifically built for waterfowl hunters. Available in side-by-side and over-under configurations, the Longfowlers are 12-gauge guns with single triggers; matte blued receivers and barrels; and weather-resistant, stained and oil-finished wood stocks and forearms. The barrels are 30 inches long and feature extended choke tubes. The O-U comes with a ventilated rib, and both models have brass bead front sights. Price: $449.


Among TriStar's new shotguns this year are two lightweight models in the Hunter line. Called the Hunter EX LT (pictured), these new over-unders are available in 20 and 12 gauges, and they feature 28- or 26-inch, chrome-lined barrels; fiber-optic front sights; and hardwood stocks. The chambers accept 2.75- and 3-inch shells, and five choke tubes come with each gun. The 20-gauge model weighs a mere 5.4 pounds, and the 12-gauge version weighs 6.8 pounds. Length of pull is 14.25 inches. Price: $659.

Other new shotguns from TriStar include the 20-gauge Setter S/T over-under ($534), the left-hand Viper G2 12-gauge semi-auto ($549 to $629), and a brand-new model called the TEC 12 that functions as both a pump gun and a semi-automatic. Converting between the two action styles is accomplished by rotating a lever. The gun comes with a 20-inch barrel and a black, synthetic, pistol-grip stock. All TriStar shotguns are backed by a five-year warranty.


Weatherby has three new 20-gauge guns this year. The PA-08 TR Threat Response gun (pictured) is a pump gun designed for home defense, and as such it comes with a straight, synthetic stock with sling-swivel studs; an aluminum-alloy receiver; an 18.5-inch, chrome-lined barrel (no rib); and a white-dot front sight. It weighs 6 pounds and measures 39 inches overall. Price: $399.

The PA-459 TR Threat Response 20-gauge pump has the same aluminum-alloy receiver, but comes with a full pistol-grip buttstock, an extended forearm, an extended and ported choke tube, a Picatinny top rail, an adjustable ghost-ring rear sight and an elevated-blade fiber-optic front sight. Price: $499.

The PA-08 Synthetic pump is a traditional field gun with straight, black, synthetic stock and 26- or 28-inch barrel. It also has a raised rib and brass bead front sight, three interchangeable choke tubes, sling-swivel studs and matte black finish. Price: $399.


Winchester also has new pump guns for 2013, including the Super X Pump 12-gauge Field Model ($399) with hardwood stock and forearm, backbored 26- or 28-inch barrel with hard-chrome-lined chamber and bore, and Inflex recoil pad; the Super X Pump Marine Defender ($369.99) with 18-inch matte hard-chrome-plated barrel, Cylinder choke, TruGlo fiber-optic front sight and synthetic stock; and the Super X Pump Black Shadow Deer ($519.99) with 22-inch fully rifled barrel, Picatinny receiver rail, TruGlo fiber-optic front and adjustable rear sights, and black synthetic stock.

Also new this year is the Super X Pump Waterfowl Hunter (pictured) with Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo finish. It's offered in 12-gauge with 3- or 3.5-inch chamber, 26- or 28-inch backbored barrel, and Invector-Plus choke tube system. Prices are $459.99 (3-inch) and $499.99 (3.5-inch).

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