True Velocity Rifle Ammo

This article accompanies our Daniel Defense Delta 5 review, which you can read here.

True Velocity has been producing unique composite-case rifle ammunition for international and domestic defense and law enforcement use in 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO, .338 Norma, .50 BMG, and 12.7x108 chamberings, and now the company is exploring options to make its distinctive ammo available to civilians. The ammunition uses a steel case head, a unique composite case body, and some of the most accurate bullets known to shooters.

One aspect of True Velocity ammunition is weight—as in a drastic reduction. True Velocity composite cases are as much as 50 percent lighter weight than conventional brass, and loaded ammunition is greater than 30 percent lighter weight than brass-case ammo. Obviously, weight is an important consideration not only for transporting large shipments of ammo but also in the amount of weight the individual soldier has to carry.

Another facet of the composite-case ammo is heat dispersion. I’m told the composite better disperses the heat generated in the chamber of a rifle. Heat is hard on gun parts, so an improvement here will surely pay dividends in terms of reducing wear and tear on a soldier’s rifle.

True Velocity ammunition is produced in Texas, and the automated process involves a lot of quality-control measures and inspections. The process is very modern and very impressive.

Also impressive is how the ammo performs. As reported in the main article on the Daniel Defense Delta 5 rifle, the .308 Winchester ammo loaded with 175-grain MatchKing bullets I fired was incredibly consistent in terms of velocity extreme spread and standard deviation. And it was exceptional in terms of accuracy. The results are listed in the accompanying chart.

If you are serious about accuracy and ballistic consistency, you owe it to yourself to try some of the ammo. Don’t let the polymer case scare you away from trying it. The company has conducted intensive tests, including shooting machine guns and miniguns, and the ammo has proven to be incredibly reliable. It meets all DoD ballistic and function test requirements.

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True Velocity Rifle Ammo

Joel J. Hutchcroft - May 31, 2019

True Velocity is exploring options to make its distinctive ammo available to civilians.

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